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Paul T. Erker, President Larry W. Colemire, VP

Erker Security Systems, Inc.
231 S. Bemiston Ave. - Suite 800
Clayton, MO 63105
Phone: 314-725-2848
Fax: 314-726-2734


Central Monitoring Station: 314-725-2848
Service & Technical Support: 314-725-2848 or
Sales & Accounting: 314-725-2848 or
Staff: Years of experience:
Paul T. Erker, President
Larry W. Colemire, Vice-President & General Manager
Michael M. Jones, Installation/Service Technician 16
Shaun M. Snow, Installation/Service Technician 14
Chris A Hetley, Installation/Service Technician 7
Adam. J. Thomas, Installation/Service Technician 2
Ethan N. Sloan, Installation/Service Technician 0.5, in training

Please feel free to call us 24 hours per day. Our phone number is answered 24/7 by our wonderful staff at our local central monitoring station.

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